Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A little look at Super Mario

 Now Mario Balotelli has left the Premier League for AC Milan, if you
look back on his career in England it was over shadowed by his antics
off the pitch. From fireworks, to giving money to homeless people, the
college & prison visits he done a lot in a short time. He also did ok
on the pitch picking up a Premier League winners medal and FA Cup &
Community Shield medals. So when you hear Alan Shearer slag him off
about what he has done in the game, Balotelli can show him this along
with his honours in Italy during his time at Inter Milan, much more
then Shearer has even done.

 It’s a shame English football probably won’t see the best of Mario. He
was a character & I feel a pretty good player when he wanted to be. I
think City let him go 6 months too early. Aguero hasn’t been on his
firing best as he was last season. Tevez has not done much this year
and Dzeko is in fact Man City’s top goalscorer with 11 in all
competitions. However he is mainly used as a sub. Keeping Balotelli
until the end of the season would have given them another option up
front. Man United’s fire power this year has got them to the top of
the league and I think that will give them the title in May. The likes
of Rooney, Van Persie, Hernandez & Welbeck have all done well and as
long as they don’t pick up loads of injuries or go off form, they
should win the league.

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