Tuesday, 9 April 2013

QPR - Who is to blame

It looks like QPR will be playing Championship football next season after a disappointing & gutting draw against Wigan on Sunday. After going down to 10 men when Bobby Zamora foolishly got himself sent off, Rangers took the lead with a goal by Lioc Remy who has been nothing more then sensational for QPR. However they let themselves down once again by giving away a free kick in the dieing seconds where Shaun Maloney curled it in to the top corner. As the silence fell at Loftus Road realisation was for the fans they knew there's no way they can crawl there way back and survive from this.  

So who is to blame for the carnage of a season QPR have had:

1. Mark Hughes - This is the man who last season said 'We will never be in this position again with me in charge' Well he was right, in fact it was a even worse position.  Hughes wasted big money on players who simply didn't care & were just their for a final pay day. Bosingwa, Park, Granero, Zamora, Johnson to name a few. He was also on a massive wage himself. He simply did not know his best team at all which cost us. QPR did not win any of the first 13 games of the season with him in charge which simple you can't get away with in the Premier League. It came to a stage were the fans lost faith in him, the players clearly had but chairman Tony  Fernandes kept on openly backing him, so sacking him became even harder. In the end he stuck around too long waiting for a pay off so he is a major factor in this calamitous season.

2. Players
- The players that got QPR up to the Premier League were basically ignored when the big name big money players came in, they were the ones who came back & saved them last year. Again this summer the big money names came in but it simple didn't work. A lot came for a big pay day at the end of their career but the balance of the squad was wrong with players that cared being out numbered by the ones that were there for the cash. 

For example Park Ji Sung who came in the summer from Man United. There was excitement from the all QPR fans, a Champions League winner who works his socks off for United was coming to us. He was even giving the club captaincy by Hughes, this was probably done to soften the deal for him and sell shirt in Asia. What we got was a lazy shadow of a player we saw at United, who gave the ball away consistently lost the captain's arm band and looks like he will retire at the end of the season. That's how much he cared. On the flip side Ryan Nelson who brought in as no more then a cover centre back but ended up playing most of the games at the start of the campaign and was by far QPR best player with some amazing performances. He literally 'played on his own' as the fans chanted.

If you look at the players Redknapp brought in January the best is Lioc Remy who might just be one of the best strikers QPR have had in their history. Andros Townsend has also been great since his move. However it looks like a case of too little too late. I do wonder how QPR will manage to offload some of the big earners in the summer when they have failed so badly. 

Fernandes - Now he did back each manager since he arrived at the club with money. I do think he was a bit naive at the start and had agents in his ear feeding him lies which he lapped up. He is also very media friendly which can be negative at times. After there poor start he was also on Sky Sports backing Hughes saying it will be fine..now look. He also has been open to fans on twitter. Now if things are going well it's all good, but when it goes bad it gets really bad. Openly backing Warnock & Hughes on there backfired as fans have the opportunity to say what they want consistently. It also looks stupid if you say this is a must win or I back the boys and they always let you down, the media have all the ammunition they need to humiliate you. I think he will stay if Rangers go down & hopefully he can get rid of some of these big earners that have let him down so badly. 

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  1. Also stupid of Fernandes to say you played well and showed a lot of commitment when you lose a game 4-1!!