Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Premier League 11 OUTSIDE Top 4

GK - T Krul

RB - R Taylor
CB - F Coloccini
CB - L Koscielny
LB -J Enrique

RM - S Sinclair
CM - S Sessegnon
CM - A Pilkington
LM - C Dempsey

F - R Van Persie
F - D Ba

My Premier League 11 outside of the current top four. Based on the season each player is having, you do you think I’ve missed out?


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Should John Terry captain England at Euro 2012?

As John Terry’s trail will be after the Euro’s should he still captain England at the tournament? Should he stand down? Or do you think he should be striped of it? Tough decisions have to be made, but being put back until after the tournament moves the problem to Fabio Capello and will he drop him again. Remember he has dropped him before but then reinstated him. That was for disrupting the dressing room, this case it a lot deeper and could have more repercussions. What will happen is Rio is picked? What if nations refuse to shake his hands at the tournament? What image will that set? Does keeping John Terry in the side say that he was innocent and did nothing wrong. Will he have the full backing of the squad? Yes not many QPR players will be in the squad if any but will the other 22 men be behind him? It’s going to be very interesting to see how the F.A and Capello deal with it. At the minute Chelsea and the police won’t have to.