Monday, 25 February 2013

Good for football Swansea won

 I'm glad Swansea won the Capital One Cup Sunday for many reason. One for the good of football, a great footballing side who keep in on the floor are reaping the rewards. They also will represent the Premier League a lot better then Bradford will in the Europa League next season. Also having a League 2 side win one of the major cup competitions in England, how would that look to the rest of Europe? I think they would see it as weak and that any old side can do it in England, it can't be that strong. I respect everything Bradford did to get to the final and their fans were great, but it was just a jolly for them at Wembley and the better team won in the end. It puts Micheal Laudrup right in the spotlight, with Real Madrid and Chelsea being linked to him already he could find his first season in England one that pushes him even higher. The same goes for Michu the signing of the season for me he could find his future away from the Liberty Stadium. I feel however they both will be at the club the start of next season. 

  The Premier League is done Man United won't let a 15 point lead slip not now. The exciting part for me is the race for top four. From the contenders Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton I said Chelsea and Tottenham will be my two. I stick by my picks, Chelsea have been shocking at times this season, their not playing for Rafa but I can still see in the end the big three Terry, Lampard & Cole guiding them to a top four finish. As much as Rafa tries to leave them out and back Torres the truth is he still needs them badly. Tottenham I back to finish better then Arsenal which is all they need, the fact that Bale is playing out of his skin at the minute helps too. 

  Down the bottom its game over for QPR routed to the bottom no matter what Harry says that he still believes they can stay up, they can't score goals and if you can't score you don't win games. For me its hard to say it but were down. Hopefully we take Reading and Aston Villa with us would make it slightly better. 

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