Monday, 8 July 2013

QPR Pre Season So Far

What a surprise Chris Samba is heading back to Russia after he said that money is not everything. Well he was half fit, not really interested in the fight and just collected his £100k for 6 months. He didn't appear towards the end of the season which speaks volumes of where his head was at. However the fact Anhzi are stupid enough to pay the £12m back to QPR is pretty good business from the owners at Loftus Road. The singing of Danny Simpson shows QPR might just be taking it seriously in getting promoted right away. He is a reliable defender, will work hard and is under 30 years-old which is a rare thing for a QPR signing. He is probably getting decent cash though. They have weeded out some of the cling-ons in the squad but there's a long way to go still. 

 Bringing Steve McClaren back into football as a coach on a short term deal concerns me. Now it's interesting that QPR would get a manager who is actively looking for work, added the fact Redknapp could sound off and leave at any time he would be the replacement. This would be catastrophic for QPR. But if he is used as just a coach it could work out well, he has worked aboard and with England and did work with Sir Alex so he could add something.

The trip to Devon for pre-season is good as its not glamorous they will have to buckle down and we will see once again if we don't know already who wants to fight in the Championship. 

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