Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brendan Rodgers - Is He All That?

From manager of the year to the worst start in over 40 years, what's gone wrong at Liverpool? Why has Rodgers gone backwards so fast? Is he over-rated and did he waste the cash he got for Suarez?

I'm not a Liverpool fan but I will give my honest opinion. To me Brendan Rodgers had the luckiest season in football last year where everything went for them. Chelsea weren't quite on point, Man United were dreadful, Arsenal were Arsenal, and somehow Man City won it all.

Liverpool played great attacking football the S.A.S (Suarez & Sturridge) people were raving about. Especially with the Liverpool filled football pundits, they were scoring goals for fun. Sterling was playing out of his skin, Gerrard & Henderson in the middle was the best thing since slice bread everything was going right. The only thing was they were leaky at the back. It didn't matter though as they were outscoring them all. However you don't win leagues if you can't defend. We know what happened last year the 'slip', the Palace game and it ended with nothing but Champions League football.

This year though it seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Starting with the money Rodgers has spent or more to the point wasted. He went around Europe spending cash on rubbish just for the sake of it, and raided Southampton for what turns out to be all the wrong players.

Lovren is having a nightmare, Lallana is not doing it in the big games gets lost, Lambert really? The big mistakes looks like Balotelli, now he could have gone for Bony or even Diafra Sakho but Brendan's ego thought he could master the man named Mario. It hasn't worked so far.

His transfer policy has to be questioned it's clear his defenders are not very good at defending he brought in full backs and Lovren but they seem to still be defending like a pub team and he has now lost faith in his keeper. There's no plan B for Liverpool teams sussed them out last year towards the end and now sides have found them out again.

Gerrard looks defeated now, Sterling can't do it on his own and Daniel Sturridge seems to be injured for what seems forever. The Champions League was a mess and top four is looking hard as Liverpool just look finished on confidence, the cups are there only hope for silverware. Europa League I don't think they will take seriously as the Champions League failed its clear this squad can't fight on both fronts.

Rodgers will be given time as he done so 'well' last season but it's a dangerous game football and itchy trigger finger could reign over Anfield again. 

What's Rafa up too?

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