Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bye Beckham

As another legend in David Beckham retires you have to look back at a man who was without a doubt was one of England’s greatest players. He proved time and time again coming from all types of knock backs and scandal he was one excellent footballer. He won the league in England, Spain and France. He also won the Champions League; he won over 100 caps & captained his country. He also changed the game of ‘soccer’ in America to something they actually noticed rather then ignored. He is made himself a media brand and this is someone who was thought of as ‘thick’?

 Beckham will go down in history as an England great for these reasons. He also been part of the backroom staff for England even when some managers turned there back on him he never did for his country. I won’t even get into all his efforts to gain the Olympics. We know that he was clinical form a dead ball situation. His long range passing was done with pinpoint accuracy. His determination and passion made up for his lack of pace & skills, but did he really need that in the positions he played? He scored spectacular goals not just free kicks. During his peak he would have got in to any team in the world. Beckham also would get in to some all time Man United XI’s too.

My favourite Beckham moments:

Free kick against Greece

Penalty against Argentina

Half way line goal against Wimbledon

Goal v Arsenal in the Giggs semi final

Goal against Leicester – Purely for the celebration

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