Friday, 23 September 2011

Nasty Chants

After the Leeds United v Manchester United game this week, there was a dark cloud that shadowed the great performance by Man United and especially Micheal Owen. The rivalry between the two clubs everyone knows is nasty. It's different to United v City or even United v Liverpool because Leeds are not as successful as the Reds or have the money of City. This weeks incident in question was the back and fourth chanting about each clubs disasters. We know what they were, but is it time for action against these chants? They are inexcusable and nasty, but how could it be stopped. The fans that sing it may have been very young at the time and not seen how bad it was, or do it as part of the tribal football fan atmosphere. It would be very hard for police to pinpoint fans that start the songs or bring banners in the stadiums but video technology and other forms of CCTV and data base systems could track them down. Its a situation that comes across all around the country not just with the two teams I have mentioned. It happens at Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal Celtic Rangers etc, hopefully it don't cause another incident which the fans are chanting about.

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