Tuesday, 13 October 2009

World Cup Places Going Fast

Brazil, Holland, England, Italy, Germany, Chile and Ghana have all already booked their place in South Africa 2010. The greatest football competition in the world brings together all the best footballers together in one place. It is the highlight for any footballer in their career.

Argentina’s last minute winner on Saturday night against Peru has nearly put them through. In the hammering rain the former world champions were 30 seconds away from elimination. Then Martin Palermo snatched the winner for Maradona‘s men. Wednesday night the travel to Uruguay in a winner-takes-all match. Portugal are another team with their World Cup future in their own hands. A win at home over Malta will see them through. With all the top nations from around the world looking like they will somehow get through, the excitement builds up.

I feel the top countries being at the tournament will make the competition better. There will be no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ that whether a team would have won if so and so were there. It pits the best against the best. This is a tournament where the skill, flair and pace from the South American nations, goes against the determination and tactics from the European nations. The African nations, such has Ivory Coast and Ghana has players, whom in their club teams are vital clogs and make them tick, the African nations have always impressed in recent years. It is too early to predict who will win the World Cup but I know I can not wait. First let see you gets in automatically or through the play offs.

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