Thursday, 8 October 2009

International Break

The Premiership is only in early October but its looks like its shaping up to be an interesting and one of the most memorable yet. Chelsea tops the going to in the international break. The Blues only lost one game (Wigan away), and Ancelotti has finally fashioned a way to make Drogba and Anelka click, playing as a pair up front. Something that the past two managers didn’t do. Manchester United’s start sees them only losing one game as well. Burnley shocked them but I feel they are still missing a certain Portuguese winger. Note that Madrid lost their first game of the season when Ronaldo was out injured. His ability to produce a match winning moment I feel will cost United.

Spurs and Man City find themselves where their fans love, in the top four. For Tottenham being above Arsenal means everything to the fans. Their derby at the end of the month will be a real test for both. It will answer a lot questions, are Spurs finally catching up to their longest rivals? I feel Arsenal are doing what they have done for the past four seasons. We all know they’re capable of demolishing the mid table teams, look what they have done to Wigan and Blackburn. However, when they come up against a team that technically matches them, such as United or City they lose, so the derby will be very interesting viewing. The Gooners do have the signing of the season Thomas Vermaelen, who has been outstanding. Plus rumours of Sol Campbell training with the team means he could make a shock return, which of course will infuriate Tottenham fans even more. Arsenal play Liverpool a week before the derby and if they succeed there, it could be another title dream at Anfield washed away. Liverpool have only lost three in the league, but miss Xavi Alonso more then they could have imagined. He allowed Gerrard to roam free and support Torres. Now, Gerrard feels the need to do everything in midfield and attack which is not benefiting Liverpool. They need to replace Alonso in January, simple as that.

Portsmouth and Birmingham City have now got new owners, which means money to spend. But for Pompey it could be too little too late. They only got their first league win against Wolves last week. Spurs are next up, the return of Harry, Crouch, Defoe and Nico! Then Hull and Wigan, I have a bad feeling Paul Hart might not be in a job for long. He done well last year keeping them up, but Pompey will struggle. Another team who should be worried are West Ham. They seem to have one good season, then a rubbish one. This looks like the latter at the minute. Stuck in the relegation zone Zola’s men are struggling. But shouldn’t they have a good team? Noble and Cole are now key parts of the England international teams at different levels. The Hammers will get out of trouble, if Zola and Clarke are allowed to manage the club the way that they want.

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  1. I think you'll find that last season Arsenal had a very good record against the big clubs and lost to silly little teams, and Man Utd struggled against the top sides but still won the title.