Wednesday, 13 May 2015

QPR - Crap From Top to Bottom

A pretty disgraceful season for QPR, in fact a debacle of a season QPR had so much promise but what was left was utter comedy on and off the pitch. Here are a few of my highlights of the season and where it went wrong and who is to blame. 

Transfers - Poor. The best Jordon Mutch brought for £6m in the summer, sold to Palace for under £5m in January. Classic Stuff.   

No replacement for Remy. Everyone in football knew he would leave before the window closed, apart from it seems Harry Redknapp & Fernandes.

Pre season, Ireland with around 12-16 players depending on who you believe.

3-5-2 that lasted 3 games, it made a few comebacks but shockingly didn’t work.

We were good at home, wins over Aston Villa, Leicester, Burnley, WBA & a draw over Man City.

Away form was a disgrace, 11 defeats in a row. Upton Park was the lowest point for me. Why didn’t they get rid of Redknapp then? A fun win at Sunderland but then normality resumed with more defeats. Man City 6-0 was a performance of a team that had well and truly given up and didn’t care for the club. Leicester will also beat us on the last day.

Remember that good home form? It disappeared the last win at Loftus Road was in December 2014. 6 defeats in the Premier League at home in a row a new record. QPR have not scored 2 goals or more in a game at home since December.

Hary Redknapp……

Tony Fernandes – ‘Dream Manager’ that worked. The Football world is full of sharks, it’s not F1 or the Airline business. He needs to wise up.

In the press battles, Harry v Adel ‘Too fat to play’ was a joke the way the entire world saw that play out.

The January transfer window Harry Redknapp basically screwed over the club.

We missed out on Pardew, Pulis and Sherwood. I believe all would have done better than Chris Ramsey.

Chris Ramsey, a ‘yes man’, right place right time. Lucky to get the job will be the luckiest man in football if he keeps it. I doubt the players respect him; these egos won’t listen to man who was in charge of the youth teams a few months ago. I don’t think he can bring in players who would want to play for him, to be honest who would want to play for QPR next season. A good coach not a manager for me.

Leroy Fer disappointing.

Shaun Wright-Phillips, Jnr Hoilett, Kranjcar banter all season. Sandro probably the worst Brazilian to play in the Premier League. Zarate? Also imagine a world where Barton just didn’t speak.

Green, Dunne, Henry, Phillips & Austin the only players to come out this season with a bit of dignity.

How good is Charlie Austin, what a legend hope he goes on to better things.

Late goals- Liverpool H & A, Swansea H, Southampton H, Hull A &Chelsea H all so costly. A clear lack of focus and concentration all season.

Cup competitions – What are they?

In all it’s been a forgettable season. I think next year will either be QPR get promoted at the first attempt again. Somehow someway we do. Or option 2 we fall to League 1, QPR don’t have boring mid table seasons.

Agree or Disagree?

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