Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I've not wrote a blog for a little while so here's a little update of what's gone on in the world of football recently.
FA Cup
What an amazing weekend of FA Cup football, who said the magic is gone. We saw Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Swansea and Southampton all crashing out on the same day. With Manchester United and Liverpool going to replays the cup is wide open for a ‘smaller’ club to have their big day at Wembley.

However it was all fun and games Saturday but if we get a West Ham v Derby final I don’t think it will be a great spectacle. Let’s hope its Arsenal v Manchester United or Liverpool in the final, it is the ‘best cup competition in the world' remember.


QPR still haven't won an away game all season, however Harry Redknapp has been backed by his chairman. I wonder how many other managers would be safe if they had such a horrendous record. QPR have only brought in Mauro Zarate on loan so far but we all know Redknapp is a deadline day guy, so expect QPR to do business in the last few days. As for on the pitch QPR must not lose at Stoke after the 2 week break they have had Rangers must have some plan, tactic or personal pride to stop the woeful away form and at least battle out a 0-0 draw surely.

Stevie G

Steven Gerrard announced he's leaving Liverpool a few weeks ago now, it’s amazing how one man can divide so much opinion. Who was better Gerrard or Scholes? Should he have gone Chelsea when he could? Should he have gone aboard earlier? There’s a time and a place to discuss that but it’s an awful shame one of the Premier League ‘greats’ will never win the Premier League. 
So my picks are:

Premier League Top 4

Manchester City
Manchester United


Leicester City

FA Cup  - Arsenal
League Cup - Tottenham 
Champions League - Barcelona

Europa League - Roma
For you betting people, a £10 accumulator on the four cup winners would pay you just over £9000! Enjoy

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