Tuesday, 15 July 2014

World Cup Review

Here's my review of the World Cup, slightly different as I have gone for a A-Z look at the tournament. First though my team of the tournament.
World Cup Team Of The Tournament

G.K -  M. Neuer
R.B -  P. Lahm
C.B -  M. Hummels
C.B - R. Vlaar
L.B -  D. Blind
C.M - T. Kroos
C.M - J. Mascherano
A.M - J. Rodriguez
A.M - L. Messi
A.M - A. Robben
F -     T. Muller

Top 3 Goals of the World Cup: 

1st James Rodriguez v Uruguay 
2nd Robin Van Persie v Spain 
3rd Tim Cahill v Holland

Player of the Tournament: 

Thomas Muller 


A-  Anthems - Iv never heard them sung so loud and proud especially the second verse of Brazil's one, the Argentinians going mental even the mascots got stuck in.

B- Biting, Suarez again leaving a mark on a player. He once again shamed himself, his country and done over Liverpool without even playing for them.

C- Chile fans invaded the Maracana Stadium, invaded Brazil sung their hearts out their fans were one of the best for me.

D- Dancing Celebrations, I think Columbia and Ghana stole the show with theirs.

E- Extra Time, a lot were boring but the USA v Belgium one was one of the best I have ever seen watching football.

F - Fans so many flooded in from all corners of the world with no real notable trouble at all. The experience of fans parks on the beaches visually looked great.

G- Girls, how many close ups did we get each game? I think the cameramen should be recognised for their excellent work here.

H - Howard, what a performance by the US keeper in the Belgium game was unlucky to be on the losing side after making the most World Cup saves in history.

I - Injuries the World Cup was hit with injuries to stars before the tournament, but Neymar, was the biggest in tournament casualty.

J- James Rodriguez became a REAL star with 6 goals the stand out, a chest and left foot volley against Uruguay. he wants to go Madrid now, I think if they want him they will get him.

K - Klose became the top goalscorer at World Cups with 16 a true legend of the game.

L - Luiz, Chelsea got £50 million for him from PSG, YES £50 MILLION!

M - Messi was just Messy, he was good, but couldn't quite drag his team to be named with the Maradona's, Pele's and Zidane's of the footballing world.

N - Neuer there's no doubt he's the best keeper on the planet at  the minute.

O - Ochoa, the Mexican keeper and the third keeper on my list his heroics against Brazil was a highlight for me.

P - Paul Pogba had a fine tournament, teams are chasing him even more now, he will one day become the best midfielder in football.

Q - Queens Kiss - remember Mario Balotelli wanted a kiss from the queen if Italy beat Costa Rica. They didn't and he got no kiss.

R - Recife Rain on the day of USA v Germany the havens opened and flooded the streets and public transport stopped, thousands missed the kick off but FIFA chose not to delay the game.

S - Spain, the tiki-taka football was well and truly put to bed this summer.

T - Technology goal line technology made its debut and apart from a France game confusion (which was more down to the commentator over reacting) it worked well.

U - Underachievers, England, Spain and Italy were the ones who will look back with disappointment.

W - Water breaks, new to football, well official ones and L.V.G used his to make tactical changes and help his side get past Mexico.

X - Xherdan Shaqiri a left footed hat-trick at a World Cup finals something he will never forget.  
Y - Yellow, so much yellow everywhere, every game, yellow.

Z - Zuniga the Colombian defender will be remembered for the knee that broke Neymar's back and many Brazilian fans hearts. 

Hope you enjoyed this World Cup as much as I did.


  1. G should be for Gerrard, after producing the best assist of the tournament against Uruguay.