Monday, 18 March 2013

Rio not interested in Rio

So Rio Ferdinand has withdrawn from the England team, shock. The whole situation has been a bit of a joke. I don’t think Rio had any intention to play for England at this point in time. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Rio acted in this way against Roy Hodgson. After he was left out for ‘footballing reason’ by Roy, Rio who is in fine form is needed by the England manager. England have a lack of experienced centre backs in the squad. All the signs looked like Rio would join up with the team this week. He tweeted about it, Sir Alex said he would go etc etc. However his withdrawal smells of Manchester United, Sir Alex and Rio siding with club rather than country. If you look at the Paul Scholes he jacked in England because he was being misused, he will probably pick up another Premier League winners medal this season. His career was extended by dropping England. Man United fans even sing a chant about United being better then England. Rio knows he can add a few years to his career at United if he continues on his special regime they have set up for him which means he has to give England the swerve. Also I don't think the whole Ferdinand  -Terry- Cole gate has completely been forgotten. 

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