Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nasty Chants...AGAIN. But is it that bad?

With what happen at White Hart Lane last Sunday, I do feel slightly sorry for Arsenal fans, and I’m not talking about losing 2-1 to their rivals Spurs. What I am talking about is the chanting directed to Adebayor. Now for some reason a chant as naughty as it was is being talked about as if it’s the sin of the century. This chant or chants going on at this game has been going on for years, remember the Tottenham fans were at it too. They even came up with the first Adebayor song! and the Wenger one was if I’m right was started by Manchester United fans. If you don't know the chants I’m sure you can find it on Youtube if you have that time on your hands. Anyway the question is, Is it right that these chants happen? Should fans been thrown out? Is it as bad as racism or is it just banter at the football?

I don’t think it could ever be stopped, and banning fans won’t help. There’s always someone else who will die for a ticket and that fan could just as well sing these songs. Of course it’s just a minority of fans doing it and I’m pretty sure that same fan who sings derogatory songs to Adebayor , Redknapp, Rooney, Giggs, Cole, Terry etc etc I’m sure if they saw them in the street they would probably ask for an autograph and a picture and post it on their Facebook.

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