Monday, 6 June 2011

End of season prediction review

Now the season is over I will look back at my predictions see how well I did. The order of the top 4 I got bang on. Manchester United, Chelsea, City then Arsenal in case you didn’t know. I got one of the relegated team right in Blackpool. I also had Wigan but they survived on the last day. FA Cup I had Man United that went to Man City. Carling Cup I had Arsenal who lost in the final to Birmingham City. Then for the Champions League I tipped Barcelona right at the start of the season and got that correct! I predicted QPR’s promotion right at the start of the season too.

Now through-out the summer I will keep an eye on England under 21’s tournament in Denmark where we have a decent chance of reaching the final but winning it will be hard. Spain looks like they will walk it. I also will try and keep up to date with the latest major transfer deals and rumours as best I can.

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