Friday, 8 October 2010

Horror Tackles !!!!!!

The hot topic in the football world today is one of the most important parts of our game, tackling. We have seen this season some horror tackles fly in and you have to ask the question are the players of today getting punished enough for their crimes.

Serial offenders keep popping up, by this I mean, the likes of Wolves, Stoke, Blackburn and Bolton. They all have a certain ‘trend’ of football which is not easy on the eye at times. We all know when you come up against these teams they will go in hard, let you know they’re there etc etc. However this season certain players have come in to the spotlight. Example number 1, Karl Henry of Wovles has come in for a lot of stick and rightly deserved.

He already has 2 yellows and 1 red card to his name along with a poor tackle which took out Fulham’s Bobby Zamora and another flying slide on Wigan’s Jordi Gomez. Nigel De Jong is another horror tackle culprit. His kung fu kick at the World Cup went unpunished and again this season he broke Newcastle’s, Hatem Ben Arfa’s leg in a reckless challenge. These poor, rash challenges are taking out players and The FA need to look into it and act immediately.

I feel that these players are simply stealing a living. The players I have mentioned above along with the likes of Lee Cattermole simply are very VERY poor at tackling. They have no technique at all. It could be the game is too fast for them or they want to leave their mark on a player. Whatever it is they don’t have the skill to go into a tackle like Roy Keane, Vieira, Robson and Makelele did and take the ball, not the man. I don’t think they go out to injury players, but I do think they want to leave an effect on their opponent. I’m not saying get rid of all tackling in the game, but there is a difference being a ‘hard man’ and a thug on the pitch.

In incidents where a player has clearly got away without even a booking for a bad tackle just like De Jong on Ben Arfa, The F.A should look back and take action. If he has done it before the punishment should be greater and increase every time the player gets sent off or commits another dangerous challenge. Then the likes of Mc Carthy, Allardyce and Pulis won’t be so quick to defend or send out their teams in such a manner when their players are banned.

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