Wednesday, 28 July 2010

10 Things bound to happen this season

1. Rob Green to be booed at every away ground.

2. Newcastle United fans to sing ‘CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS’ at Manchester United in their first Premier League game.

3. Joe Cole will score against Chelsea.
4. Arsenal to start the season in explosive fashion, and then slowly fade out and finish third, and win nothing.

5. Every commentator will mention the Blackpool Pier and Tower in every home game and they also get compared to Holland (because of the colour and not their playing style).

6. Spurs to think their the best team in Europe as they qualify for the Champions League, but fail to get out the group and their League form slides.

7.The England flops to have a sensational start to the season.

8. Wigan’s DW stadium to be deserted for most of the season then suddenly fill out when the top four roll in to town.

9. Ian Holloway pitting his wits against the Premier League’s best managers will be fun viewing from the sidelines, he should come out with some more classic one-liners for the Match Of The Day audience.
10. Some set of fans to bring the Vuvuzela to England.

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