Thursday, 24 June 2010

The real England finally turn up at the World Cup

Finally an England performance to be proud of at this years World Cup. Capello has come under a lot of pressure in the past few days, but his decision to bring in Milner and Defoe for Lennon and Heskey worked better than he could have ever wished. It was Milners wicked ball in from the right that Defoe latched onto and put away in the first half. Defoe comes alive when he is in the box, you may not notice him much but he will be remembered as the man who fired England into the last 16 of the World Cup. 

Rooney’s form is still to be questioned. Yes, he did play much better and linked up with Gerrard very well at times. However he does not look 100% or it could be something else on his mind. Rooney has never been away from his child for this long and could be missing his little one and that could be playing on his mind. Lampard, who also came in for a lot of slack played his best game for England for years. To be fair it was only a 7/10 but its better then what you usually get from him. Captain Steve G played well out on the left and cut in a lot working well with Rooney. He also spared a few pinpoint, 40 yards passes just like he does for the reds, which was a delight to see. The defense was strong and dealt with what came at them well. John Terry’s diving defensive header was one of the highlights along with Upson’s last ditch slide tackle. In all England done well and will go in to the next game with confidence. If your an Englishman and can’t get yourself up for a England v Germany game something is wrong. England must continue to improve if they want to reach their goal. Germany had a good start, but a very inexperienced side could struggle if the England we saw Wednesday play with the same passion again. So far Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, USA, England, Germany, Ghana, Holland and Brazil are into the last 16 the tournament is starting to hot up. 

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