Thursday, 3 December 2009

Arsenal spend now or fail later

As Arsenal crashed out of the Carling Cup last night they find themselves looking at maybe another trophy-less season. Ok I know were only in December, but already 11pts behind Chelsea, out of the Carling Cup and van Persie is out for 5 months. Its looking like another grim season for the Arsenal.

Now there is no doubt they do play the most exciting, flamboyant, easy on the eye football in England. Similar to Barcelona but the difference is, Barcelona actually win things! Wenger must know break from tradition and go into the transfer market and spend big. He must also learn how to lose. His actions after the Manchester City game, by not shaking hands with Mark Hughes was childish. They may well have some of the best youth players coming up the ranks and can impress against Championship sides in front of a packed Emirates. But many of them have been in the first team for over 3 years now. These ’kids’ that use to run riot in the Carling Cup should have progressed to top quality first team players. But with the money in the game getting splashed around, Arsenal are getting left behind.

In January if Arsenal do not spend, it could be the case of their only realistic honour could be the Champions League. Arsenal have lost to their title contender rivals, United, City and Chelsea eased past them last week. This is not how it use to be. Arsenal used to more then match these teams.

Portsmouth have now parted company with Paul Hart, and have installed Avram Grant. Grant managed to lead Chelsea to the Champions League final and second in the Premiership. However I feel a lot of that was down to player power and assistant Steve Clarke. Grant’s on his own now, I still believe Pompey will go down this season.

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  1. Wenger relies on sub 6ft players in a league renowed for playing the ball over the top, strikers who are top class for half a season, injured for the rest, and wont integrate bullies with the technical ability which is abundant in his squad. I've got £20 to chip in for David Villa, anyone else in?