Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Manchester it time for the Blue Moon to shine again?

Manchester City F.C was the biggest movers in the summer transfers market here in England. Only Real Madrid in Spain spent more. City are clearly ready for one of their most promising and important seasons every. They are in a position to break into the top four like Everton done a few seasons ago. They transfers they made are all improvements and they have taken some of the best from other clubs.

Tevez was one of United most important hard working players. His goal a Wigan towards the end of last season put one hand on the title for the reds. City has not only taken one of the best footballers in the world. They have taken a great player from their great rivals. And the billboard advert welcoming people to Manchester with Tevez on the front is on show for all United fans to see.

Barry was an influential part of Aston Villa’s midfield for many years. Now an England international he will want to prove the City fans and Capello he is ready for the big time.

The Adebayor and Toure signings show that even the players from the top four clubs are willing to switch to the blue half of Manchester. Toure was a vital part to the Arsenal defence and a versatile player. Adebayor is slightly different. His departure may be music to the ears of some Arsenal supporters. However who will be up top for City? Santa Cruz or Bellamy? Surely Robinho will be the main man..or Tevez? A manager’s dream. The same is with the midfield, de Jong, SWP, Ireland and Petrov. Hughes has a massive job and must deliver. If City are not in the top six come Christmas he will find it hard to keep his job in such a demanding league and expectant club.

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